Thursday, March 11, 2010

the last day of being sullenic

yvette saw,
you are not the you i know before. where had you gone...i miss you...please wat had happen to change you into this sullen sea...dun you forget you have me? i always know you...people that hurt you will get back for his own...things won't be wonderful,sometimes there will be up and down in this must remember wat you had dreamt and what you want...dun fell this will be tougher after this...all those nostalgic melody juz let it go...dun put yourself in the perilous sea...look at me...i will be with you....
from: yvettesaw

Thursday, March 4, 2010

ntg gonna change my sadness

there will be sun 2mr
but i feel no more
i had tried to walk out frm the dusk
but seems like i m lost...
is there anyone that can hold me up
maybe there will be
but i can't see
the memories will always be with me
wanna be the happy me
seems like i had fail it.
a sense of melancholy
bring me back to the tragedy
i found the sullen me
tears falling in me
wanna put back broken me
but i seem to lost part of me
where is the piece of me
there is no answer for it
sunshine will fall on me
i think time will heal me
bring back the piece of me